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Autonomous Blood 

Collection Technology

Introducing eMosquito's First Fully Functional Prototype


Animated Demonstration Video


The eMosquito insole actuator is embedded in a standard insole allowing the system to be easily transferred between shoes.


A standard test strip is integrated with an anti-septic sock which acts as the disposable blood glucose measurement module.

eMosquito Advantage

eMosquito Advantage

Pain Free!

The eMosquito extracts blood from the end of a user's toe where the nerve density is low and thus the bite is not felt by the wearer. Additionally, because the wound is protected from aggravating elements there is no persisting numbness or soreness.


No More Bulky Supply Fanny Packs!

Say good bye fanny packs! eMosquito is a self-contained system eliminating the need for users to carry bulky supplies.

Discrete and Private Tests Anywhere!

The eMosquito is housed in a wearer's shoe and its operation is invisible, allowing for tests to be completed without user intervention and out of view of everyone else.

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eMosquito is seeking feedback from potential customers to improve the design of its glucose meter!

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